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I have a strong prescription. How can I reduce the thickness and weight of my glasses?
Dr. Mendelsohn offers alternatives to thick lenses; there are a variety of different lens materials available to you.

Can I wear contact lenses?
Yes. With modern fitting techniques and Dr. Mendelsohn's experience, most patients can wear contact lenses.

Can I change the color of my eyes?
Yes. Even dark brown eyes will be green, blue, or the color of your choice.

Can I use contact lenses if I wear bifocals?
Yes. With modern fitting techniques such as monovision or the use of a bifocal contact lens you can now wear contact lenses comfortably that correct both your distance and near vision.

Dr. Mendelsohn can evaluate your individual situation with your help and will determine which method would be best for your lifestyle.
Do I still have to wear hard lenses if I have astigmatism?
No. With today’s technology you can now wear soft contact lenses and in most cases you can even change your eye color.

Why can I no longer focus on objects up close?
Vision changes occur naturally as you age. When you reach your 40s, focusing at close range may become difficult.
This is a natural part of the aging process caused by gradual hardening of the eye’s crystalline lens, reducing its ability to change shape and focus; this condition is called presbyopia.

What are progressive lenses?
No-line bifocals. They allow you to see far and near without showing the line or your age.

Am I a candidate for refractive surgery with my strong prescription?
Schedule an appointment for an eye exam to determine if you are a good candidate for refractive surgery.

If Lasik surgery is not recommended, you will be told why at this time.

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